How to Order


As an artist I love to create commissions that are requested, creating something unique and bespoke to any design discussed. I like to give my customers the highest standard I can. Being busy and popular as an artist is great, but means I have to organised my time well and to do this I focus only on one main airbrushing project at a time and book in work sometimes I get booked out quite a few months in advance so please contact me about times scales of commissions.

all commission work is set a start date and end date. Before the work arrives I will have drawn up designs and finalized how the finished project is to look. Although every customer and project is different, I put as much effort into my designs and ideas as I do the finished painting. I spend time talking through with customers what they imagine the finished project to look like and what details are important  and i can custom and alter my ideas and designs at this stage to suit. If needed i can work to budget and draw up different designs for a few different price ranges if requested. I normally produce quick sketches, pencil drawings, watercolours and digital designs to show how I imagine the finished airbrush project will look.

I offer to keep in touch with my customers via phone, email or messenger (which ever suits) and keep customers up to date with progress pictures, if they want to see, them throughout the project on milestone points in the design.



After contacting me I am happy to discuss and talk through ideas via phone, messenger, social media or email. I will talk through all the options on designs, colours, sizes, surfaces, prep and finish this will allow me to predict the time scale needed to finish the project and also the cost of the project.

After talking through the project the next stage is to book in work on an available date as this starts the design process. All work, big or small, is booked in with a 25% deposit. I then start to draw out designs and plans for your project ready for the start date to arrive and work to begin on the main project.

Projects, on customers panels or items if small enough, can be delivered via post. If projects are posted to me, there is no extra cost for postage of finished projects back as I work the cost into the cost of the order. though if wanted customers are more than welcome to bring the panels or items to my studio if they prefer or if due to the project size postage isn’t an option. Custom art work commissions can be requested for postage or collection too.

Finished airbrushing projects are always finalized and approved by the customer before I seal them with clear coat and polish ready for deliver or collection. The finial balance is payable anytime before collection, this can be paid in installments during the time I am painting or in one final payment just before or on collection.



If any more information is needed about ordering, please contact me and I will happily discuss the process and any options available in more detail.