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My Art Work Journey

For the last decade I have been working as a commissioned based artist creating custom works with an airbrush.

My art has progressed into travelling and finding amazing real world references to enjoying the challenges of painting plein-air (plein-air is the french term for leaving the four walls of your studio and out in the real world or nature)  this style of painting allows an artist to create art surrounded by amazing sights, sounds and textures to influence what is created.  Even leaving the studio, using a mix media approach Airbrushing will always be a favourite tool I use in any of my artistic creations as it offers a soft look and layers that just isn’t achieved with any other painting technique.

Before I specialised in airbrush painting the methods I used to create artwork were mostly using graphite pencils and pastels. I have also over the years enjoy creating artworks in acrylics, watercolours and gouache. I have plans in future to also create using other artistic mediums that I have not yet tried, including exploring the use of creating art with oils, mix media and digital art.


Social Media

If you wish to see some of my most current works including works in progress and most recent completed projects or lives updates from events please add and follow me on my social media pages.

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I have recently set up a patreon page for people who would like to follow and support my work on a monthly basis. Some of the benefits of joining as a member are : behind the scenes look into my work and studio life, photo gallery, a monthly meet the artist online meet up and also some free digital downloads of art I have created.

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