About the Artist

From a young age art has always captured my imagination.  I have always picked up pencils and taken to drawing and sketching, Using my imagination to create my version of what i could see.  From a young age I would get requests to draw portraits of people, flowers and animals and over the years I have studied and grown in my ability to create art.

Alongside the freelance drawing and straight out of art school I moved on to working in a few different art sectors, from scenery design, ceramics to furniture customisation. learning new skills in glazing, gilding and spray painting applications.

Finally I found my most favourite way to create art was using an airbrush, I spent many years creating custom commissioned pieces using different spray techniques.

Using an airbrush to create custom designs gave me the freedom to paint on lots of different surfaces and in lots of sizes. I am still constantly pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve always striving for the highest standards and layering up lots of details in every piece of art work I create.

Recently I have progressed to finding a new favourite way to create, through plein-air painting, travelling around and finding unique views, unusual scenery and creating artwork in my own style whilst on location.