Liquid Wrap Designs

Liquid wrap is a type of sprayed on removable coating that can be added over the top of your vehicles factory paint . It has the ability, when needed, to be peeled off without affecting the original paintwork.

Liquid wraps have evolved into amazing quality bases to the point professionally sprayed liquid wraps will now rival the look of factory paint.  Over the last year I have be perfecting a way to combine it with airbrushing, being one of only a handful of customizers who have chosen this route for customizing cars,  and can now offer a very unique way to customize your vehicle in a non-permanent way.

I am really excited about the options this creates.  from one off show designs, themes that change with the seasons and themes that are very personalized to the vehicle owner like the poppy car design which uses a peelable clear coating over the cars factory colour then airbrushed with a poppy and portrait as a memorial piece of artwork on a customers car this design is coated in a high gloss topcoat and behaves like traditional paint meaning it can be jet washed, polished and waxed.

I can now create amazing deigns that when and if desired can still be removed. allowing for new themes or colours to be added or simply just returning to factory paint. The liquid wraps can be any colour and their is almost and endless choice of custom colours shifts, metal flakes, flip paints special effect paints which all look great with this type of application and go really well with airbrushed designs and themes.  full custom colours and designs to a whole vehicle or to just individual panels can be created.

there is also the option for a matt peelable design (which behaves more like a plastidip type coating) that although may be less hardwearing with solvents or cleaning products has proven to be great and cost effective way customers to quickly personalize a vehicle with a high impact design for a shorter time. like the yellow lego charity car design.

Please contact me for more details.