About Me

Art is something that has always interested me. From a young age I have always picked up pencils and pastels and taken to drawing and sketching, putting onto paper what I see, in my own unique style. Even from a young age I would get requests to draw portraits of people and animals and over the years I have studied and tried many different forms of art, trying to find what areas of art interested me the most.

Alongside the freelance drawing and straight out of art school I moved on to working in scenery design. This is where I first picked up an airbrush, though not realizing what amazing control you could get from it, under instruction it was only used to add colour fades and shading to the large 3D display items I painted. Over the years I switched careers and gained skills and training in spray painting. Painting many items from, pottery, machinery, vehicles and other large items. Where I realized I really enjoyed both large scale work and any work in automotive painting. I enjoyed all the skills I was acquiring in spray painting but I really missed the art and design aspect. Which is when I decided to combine the two skills and set up my own business as an artist, I did some research and pick an airbrush back up again to paint custom designs onto metal.

I instantly knew this was what I wanted to do, using an airbrush to create custom designs, it also gave me the freedom to paint on lots of different surfaces and in lots of sizes. Even from the first few paint splats I manage to put down onto paper with an airbrush to the level of detail I can create and achieve now after years of practice and skill gaining, I can say I enjoy every second of painting and always want to challenge my self more and more with every design, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve always striving for a high standards and lots of details in every piece of art work I create.