Liquid wrap


Liquid wrapping is a type of removable coating that can be added over your standard factory paint. It has the ability, when needed, to be peeled off without affecting the original paintwork.

Liquid wraps have evolved into amazing quality bases and over the last year I have be perfecting a way to combine it with airbrushing,  I am one of only a handful of artist around the world that create airbrush designs with this removable coating.

I am really excited about the options that this creates and all the new uses it allows: from one off show designs,  themes and personalized artwork.

liquid wraps start off clear. any colour imaginable can be added into the base to create a very unique and highly customised base. there are also options and to add or combine colour shifts, metal flakes, flip paints special effect paints which all look great in with this type of application. designs can be simple like racing stripes and coloured details, or elaborate with lots of airbrushed artwork and designs.

Please contact me for more details and information about my custom liquid wraps.