Liquid wrap


Liquid wrap is a type of removable coating that can be added over a standard automotive finish. It has the ability, when needed, to be peeled off without affecting the original paintwork.

Liquid wraps have evolved into amazing quality bases to the point professionally spray liquid wraps will now rival the look of factory paint. Over the last year I have be perfecting a way to combine it with airbrushing and achieving this high gloss professional finish for shows.

I am really excited about the options this creates and all the new uses from one off show designs, holiday themes and personalized themes. I can now create amazing deigns that when and if desired can be removed. allowing for new themes or colours to be added. Returning to factory paint is easy.

The liquid wraps can be any colour and their is almost and endless choice of custom colours shifts, metal flakes, flip paints special effect paints which all look great with this type of application.

Anything from full car colour changes to individual panels.

.Please contact me for more details and information about my current liquid wrap promotion.