Peelable Paint Designs

Removable Airbrush artwork for show cars.


Thanks to the continued developments in Peelable paints car owners now have the abilitiy to highly customize the colours and designs on their cars whist keeping and protecting the orignial paintwork and finish as a standard underneath.

This ability to customize and change the colour or design of a vehicle temporarily is a great way to add something dramatic or personal for the time you own your vehicle. Or to make a statement at a show or event.

After seeing peelable paints come to the market and how verastile they were allowing the colour of a car to be changed from standard. I wondered how I could achieve similar with my own more bold and detailed show car designs..there was not much information out there as this was a new concept when i started to develop how to paint this way so I spent the next few years developing andperfecting and trying out how to achieve this with all the different products and paints avalible to me. With the help of some amazing paint product suppliers and developers both local and international I have now worked out and perfected a way to combine both the peelable paint bases with the more traditional airbrushing that is usuallly seen on permanant and traditional vehicle paint changes. I am proud to say I am now one of the first airbrush artist here in the UK able to create removable and temporary artworks on vehicles this way offering a truely unique new way to personalise your vehicle. This method of painting is great for anyone who like to make bold statements and show cars.


I have created a quick guide with a simple skull design below to show how peelable airbrush artwork works.

blue peelable base sprayed to half of the factory silver spoiler.

details added with the airbrush, I decided to add a skull, flower and flames design in black, silver and white over the peelable base.

both the colour change and airbrushed artwork was able to be peeled off when wanting to return to factory colour.

the factory paintwork is unaffected by the paint, no traditional prep work of scuffing or sanding was done to the original paint before applying the peelable paints. the underneath factory paintwork stays as standard. The removable peelable paints and airbrushed design have the ability to stay put for up to 5 years.

spoiler is now back to standard, or even ready for another colour or new design!!


If you would like to learn more about having your own unique removeable airbrush design please contact me for more information.