Peelable Paint Designs

Peelable Paint Designs.

removable  and unique custom airbrush works

Peelable paints now give car owners the ability to customize and change the colour or design pf their vehicles, this is a great way to add something dramatic or personal for the time you own your vehicle. It also has the added benefit of protecting the surface underneath.

I have show cars myself and I like the fact that peelable paints means I can turn up to the same show the next year with a new and unique design. I worked out a way to combine both the peelable paints with an airbrush and i am now one of the first airbrush artist in the UK to create unique but easily removable designs this way.

The peelable paints start off clear but can have any amazing base colour added. These colours can even be really custom flip colours or candys. Any imaginable airbrush work works over the top of these designs. They are protected by a top coat which can be glossy, satin or matt. They are a creative and custom protective layer for original factory paint,  When the time comes to either change theme, colour or just return to original factory paint the paint designs and colour changes can be peeled off.

This is peelable paint and airbrush design to part of a spoiler.

blue base sprayed to half of the factory silver spoiler.

details added with the airbrush, decided to add a skull, flower and flames design in black, silver and white over the peelable base.

both the colour change and airbrushed artwork was able to be peeled off when wanting to return to factory colour.

the factory paintwork is unaffected by the paint, no traditional prep work of scuffing or sanding was done to the original paint before applying . peelable paints are applied over a clean well polished surface. They have the ability to stay put for up to 5 years.

spoiler is now ready for another color, or new design !!

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