Custom Liquid Wrap Airbrush Designs

Custom Liquid Wrap Airbrush Designs.


I am really excited to tell everyone about the new liquid wrap colours I can spray as a base for under my airbrush designs. I have thought about the idea of a removable base and removable airbrushing artwork for a while as i became aware not all vehicle owners want a permanent design change, some just want to be dramatic for the time they own the cars or have some impressive designs which they can change easily for different shows.

I have show cars myself and didn’t want to turn up to the same shows year after year with the same design on my car I wanted to be able to show something new and exciting each year. I started looking into liquid wraps and how they could be compatible with my airbrushing and have found a combination which works really well.

These liquid wraps allow amazing base colours including pearls and shift/flip colours that I can then add any type of airbrushed artwork  or designs over, the airbrushing and design will last the lifetime of the liquid wrap. They are protected by a top coat and do not affect the underneath original factory paintwork.  When the time comes to either change theme, colour or return to original factory paint the lot just peels off.


This is a liquid wrap to part of a panel with airbrush design over the top.


blue liquid wrap base sprayed to half of the factory silver spoiler.

details added with the airbrush,decided to add a skull, flower and flames design in black, silver and white over the liquid wrap base.

liquid wrap and airbrushed artwork easily peeled off when wanting to return to factory colour. 

the factory paintwork is unaffected by the liquid wrap or airbrushing artwork that has been sprayed on top of it.

the removed liquid wrap and airbrushing artwork next to the spoiler it was removed from.

ready for a new design !!


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