Airbrushing a Peterbilt American Truck

Today I got to Airbrush an American Peterbilt Truck!!!!

If you follow me on any of the social media platforms you will notice this is all I have talked about recently. It has been one of the most exciting pieces of airbrush art I have been asked to paint. I have always been a huge fan of the big american trucks , and I especially like seeing the design and artwork that is put onto them for shows. Making a truck something I have always wanted to get a request to paint.

Not only did that chance happen but the theme I was commissioned to paint was amazing. what suits an American truck better than an American diner onto the back.

With that theme in mind I thew put  some designs together. I created a few variations of the theme and then I had a thought for a design which was a bit of  a ‘wild card’ for the diner theme. My customers came to view the designs at my studio expecting a typical outside designs of a diner of which I had a few variations, then I revealed the ‘wildcard’ design to them. The reactions were great and so preparation and painting of the inside out diner began.

It has been a huge project due to the size of the truck, but bigger size means more space for detail and allowed for me to add lots of items and ideas that were personalized to the customer, including the colours, cars, diner items and 3 teddy bears that were sentimental and hidden in the design, all the design requests made creating this design for them all the more special.

More pictures of the truck can be found in a few of the albums I have on this website including the truck album, automotive album and Works in progress album..