Modified Nationals 2016

This year my show car got a change of theme and colours ready for the modified nationals in Peterborough.

I have always painted sections of the car for previous years and shows but wanted a more dramatic change and went for a full new colours and new theme.

For the new theme the front of the car is black with various big cats airbrushed onto it and the back of the car is now a bright orange with holographic flake over the top. there are some tribal designs and flame effects to brake up the colour sections..

I also altered body work to change the look of the car and make it more modern and streamlined.removing dated features including radio atenna, boot lock, badges and  rear wiper, all were then fiber glassed and filled ready for prepwork and primer before the new paint theme went on.


Next the car received new tiger designs and theme over a black base. Then off to the booth where I painted an orange base on the back of the car.

IMG_20160523_151957 IMG_20160523_152011 IMG_20160524_092720  IMG_20160515_190041

whilst in the spray booth I added flame effects to the sills and around the door shuts and rear bumper. then the car was ready for its clearcoats.
IMG_20160524_095352  IMG_20160524_095310 IMG_20160524_110627 IMG_20160524_110646

3 days later and it was at its first show – the modified nationals in Peterborough. IMG_20160528_160038 IMG_20160528_160045 IMG_20160528_160055 IMG_20160528_160103 IMG_20160528_160127 IMG_20160528_161607


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